Taiwan at Night

Updated October 14, 2017
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one of the Taiwan flags at the Liberty Gate Main Gate of Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall

I’m a very lazy person, and this trip to Taiwan was my only “break” from my day job, so I kind of slept a lot in the 7 days I was there. I usually wake up before noon, so by the time I get to arrive at the destinations, it’s already mid-afternoon. I got to explore more places later in the day, and that’s where I got the idea of to create a video of exploring Taiwan at night.

outside Shilin Night Market

inside Shilin Night Market

I also wanted to test how good on lowlight my camera was. I think it did pretty well, as it should be cuz it’s pretty expensive. lol

at an inner street near the market

Taipei MRT at sunset

I really like the shot above, where the pale interior lighting of the train contrasts to the vibrant sunset outside.

Me ft. A Mei Tea House

Closed stores at Jiufen Old Street

at the far end of Jiufen

What’s fun in exploring Jiufen at night is the nonexistent slow-moving crowd. You’ve got the streets to yourself!

Rainbow Village with only us as tourists

Fo Guang Shan in a different light

Love River

Taiwan is very photogenic, so I’m not surprised that I’m satisfied with the result of my little experiment. Thanks to my laziness for getting me here, and also for showing me a totally different character of this country.