Snacks to Keep in Your Travel Pack

Published July 11, 2019
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Traveling is not all about the pretty sights, good food, and amazing experiences. Behind every amazing trip is a story less mentioned – long flights and hours and hours of travel by road. The perfect companion? Snacks!

We were once stuck in a 26-hour bus ride in Laos because of an accident on the road! Thankfully some locals made their way to the place and opened up food stalls on the side.

Onigiri in Tokyo
Onigiri in Tokyo

To help you pack light and eat smart, we made a short list of snacks you can chew on for your next trip.

Breads and Sandwiches

A snack that is readily available everywhere and in every imaginable way. It is very filling and easy to eat as you pass by even in rough roads. If you happen to pass by any convenience store, make sure you get one or two of their pocket sandwiches. From sweet treats like caramel and chocolate and savory ones like tuna and cheese, they have different flavors to suit your cravings.


Chips are a great snack to munch on during any road trip. You can easily share it and the crunch is very satisfying and is good for ASMR to help relax your tired self from the long sitting hours. If you’re worried about the air pockets taking much of your bag space, just transfer it to a container or puncture a small hole in the packaging and remove the air. For variety, mix and match different chips or simply buy one that is already mixed up!

Hard boiled eggs

If you want a heavier snack that is high in protein, go for a hard boiled chicken egg. Just rub it on your skin for the much needed sodium and remember to clean the mess of the egg shells. If you want to try Big Black Eggs, head to Hakone, Japan and try their kuro-tamago which are boiled in hot sulfur spring which gives it a distinct color.

Energy Bars

A quick pick me up snack that is sure to carry you until the next stop over or even until you reach your destination. They’re very portable as you can just place one of your pocket, and most of them are pretty healthy.

Biscuits and crackers

What could possibly go wrong? It’s cheap, easy to eat, mess-free and it doesn’t spoil easily! Heck, even Skyflakes’ commercial is about hungry people travelling or on commute. What more could I say? If you want more sugar and sodium intake, feel free to try other sweet and savory biscuits.

Trail Mix

Junk foods are very hard to avoid, but if you want a healthier alternative to something crunchy and tasty try going for this snack mix. It is originally made for long hikes because it is light, consumes less space and it provides an amazing energy boost hence the name trail mix. It is a very versatile snack as numerous combinations are available and you can add almost anything you want in it. From nuts, raisins, chocolates, dried fruits, oats and granola, this snack has you covered! But I’ll still probably stick to Ding-Dong.


Fill up with your much needed fiber by munching on healthy whole fruits. I honestly always tend to forget about my food intake while travelling, more often than not suffering from lack of fiber. Bringing a hard whole fruit on your trip like apples will keep the doctors away. The crunch beats any chips and the sweetness beats any candies on your travel pantry.

Dried Fruits

Who doesn’t like Cebu’s dried mangoes, even foreigners love them and have them imported. Dried fruits are healthy and can always satisfy a sweet tooth! However, don’t forget to check on the labels when buying dried fruits – the fewer ingredients, the better!

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