Skydiving in Cebu

Updated November 20, 2017
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Just to be clear, I’m not a big fan of heights. Yes I’ve done crazy adventurous activities, like bungee jumping and canyoneering, but I only did those for the Likes to be honest. If Facebook or Instagram didn’t exist, I might just spend those cash on a few more drinks in bar you know. So how do I do it? Well, the answer’s in the question, and in every Nike store, just do it. It also helps (a lot) that you pay upfront, that way there’s no reason for me to ever back out. And with this Skydiving experience, it would be so, so stupid, to have a chartered flight just for you and quit 10,000 feet in the air. So yeah, even though my heart beats like it could leap out of my chest, I just push through and hope that my straps are tightly secured to my instructor Terry.

While waiting for the plane

The whole process was super easy. Upon arriving, I just registered, paid the fee, and signed the waiver. Then Terry helped me with the harness. After that, I waited for a while since there was a tandem skydive before me, so it was cool to see how everything looks from the ground. Although they were so high up in the sky, you just see dot falling for 30 seconds and then expanding into a (still small) parachute.

When it was my turn, I was more than ready to experience it. I felt mixed emotions so the confusion actually overwhelmed my fear. Earlier that day I really didn’t know what to feel. But, it all came rushing down on me, more and more as the plane goes higher and higher.

Group shot!

Group shot!

Before the actual jump, Terry gave me more, well, instructions. This time, more detailed on how to position myself during the free-fall. Then he asked me to hang by the plane door and what I realized at that moment was, how scarier it was to bungee jump where the decision to jump is on you and there’s no instructors nor straps to hold on to.

Hanging out!

The Jump

I was dangling by the plane door and all of a sudden, he just leaped. The free-fall was so much better than what I expected. It was really crazy that I couldn’t control my facial expressions. I should have projected myself better for the GoPro but it was just impossible that I actually forgot it was being filmed. So if I look ugly on the video, just know that those were the most decent shots I got.

It's amazing how the sea fades into the horizon

It’s amazing how the sea fades into the horizon

The parachute part was interesting, I got so dizzy that I couldn’t wait to land already but the view was so beautiful I wanted to stay parachuting for an hour or more. Terry even let me drive the parachute for a few turns. I wish I could put that on my resumé.

View of the beach from the plane

Proud to say that I got to see Bantayan in a different point of view. It definitely made me appreciate the beauty of the island more. It’s not everyday that you get an experience like that, so I cherished every bit of it.

With the man himself!

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