Our 2019 Travel Recap

Published January 15, 2020
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2019 brought us to the most beautiful places we’ve ever been to!

We started the year with the end of our Nepal trip. Celebrated the New Years at Kathmandu, and couldn’t have asked for a better start to our year.

January 1, 2019: Last day of our Nepal trip

When we went down under

One of the highlights of our year was our back-to-back Australia and New Zealand trip. It was non-stop, it was intense, it was everything we hope for. Australia was our first country outside of Asia. We mainly went to major cities but our OZ trip was not short of natural sceneries. What amazed us was the proximity of beautiful landscapes to their business districts.

Loch Ard Gorge beach along The Great Ocean Road in Australia

I can easily say that our trip to New Zealand was the best of the year. What made it so great and perfect was the weather. Even though we had to adjust our itinerary in the middle of the trip because of a planning mistake, it all worked out for the better. The activities we planned and moved to a different day got better weather and the days we stayed indoors got the rain. We even experienced our first snowfall!

Hiking the Tasman Glacier in New Zealand

When we ate less fast-food

Local cuisine is becoming more and more relevant to how we plan our trips. And this year, I’m proud to say that we went to less fast-food chains! Which means we got to try more local dishes from street-foods to pricey restaurants.

When we saw Japan in a new color

Japan! For this year, we decided to wait until the last quarter of the year to go there experience fall foliage at its peak. And it did not disappoint! The best phrase to describe it is “heart-warming”. The colors give off warm energy that makes you feel familiar and at-home with the place.


As I said in our last year’s recap, this was gonna be a chill year. Well, I was wrong, in a good way. We did go to fewer places, but the quality of our trips was totally better this year. Maybe it’s because we took the time to plan and had longer intervals between trips. Or maybe because we matured as travelers and appreciated even the misfortunes and bad weather days more.

Me at Jame’ Asr Hassanil Bolkiah Mosque in Brunei

But what matters is that we’re very grateful that we’re privileged to be able to travel the world and share it here. Hopefully, our travels can inspire you to venture out and explore more. Cheers to quality travels in 2019, and cheers to inspirational travels in 2020!

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