Must-Eats in Melbourne CBD

Published December 22, 2019
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Stepping into Melbourne, one can’t help but feel relaxed. Being a coffee town, it is the perfect destination for relaxation and chilling out. The streets and alleyways are always packed with people but still maintains to be vibrant and laidback. And at every turn, you’ll be hit with the strong aroma of their remarkable coffee shops (not the likes of Starbucks).

But Melbourne isn’t just about the coffee. Their food scene is interesting, being molded by the influx of different cultures and intense competition. They have the most mouth-watering and mixed dishes although a bit expensive.

Here we’ll be sharing some popular and trendy food and the best place to get them.

Wonderbao at Queen Victoria Winter Night Market

Flat White – Pellegrini’s Espresso Bar

66 Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

The default coffee for the Australians. A flat white is an espresso with steamed milk and microfoam. It’s almost exactly like a latte, with the difference being only the amount of milk and microfoam present in both coffee. A flat white has a stronger coffee flavor than a latte as it contains less milk and microfoam, but still keeping a creamy consistency.

To make people even more confused, baristas have different recipes for the drink. Don’t be surprised if the tastes differ for every coffee shop you visit! However, be sure you visit Pellegrini’s. It is one of the most iconic espresso bars as they are the first to ever use an espresso machine and has been around since 1954. Even highly recommended by tour guides and others alike.

Burgers (and other meats) – Butcher’s Diner

10 Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Lunch at Butcher’s Diner!

Just a few steps away from Pellegrini is an amazing hidden gem. We actually kept going around the block because we couldn’t find it. Only to find out that we’ve passed by it at least 2 or 3 times. The first thing that caught my eye as soon as I entered the restaurant was the interior. Sorry vegans, you’ll see real meat hanging through a glassed refrigerator. Despite that though, they offer great vegan options.

We had a Cheeseburger with house bacon and as if that wasn’t enough, we had classic greek pork skewers on the side. It was definitely one of the best burgers I had. Patty was cooked perfectly and still moist but not being too oily. The bacon had an amazing crunch and flavor. Topped with veggies and melted cheese, it was divine. The pork skewers were well seasoned and had a great balance between savory and acidic. This place is definitely a win.

However, the diner is pretty small so it can easily get busy and crowded. If you’ll visit try avoiding rush hours or mealtimes if you can.

Doughnut – Doughnut Time

5 Degraves St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Along with a series of rustic coffee shops and restaurants, a small and charming place will not fail to catch your eyes. The delectable chunky doughnuts displayed through a glass window is seduction.

We decided to get “It’s Always a Gay Time” and “Love at First Bite”. Because why not? They sound like they go well together. The first is inspired by the Golden Gaytime ice cream which is amazing and something you should definitely try (both ice cream and doughnut). It is coated in milk chocolate topped with crushed biscuits and filled with honey custard. The doughnut has a fluffy texture while the biscuits give it an added crush and dimension. The latter is a Nutella filled doughnut covered in cinnamon sugar goodness. I was expecting the Nutella to be a lot smoother but it was thick. Just thinking about it now gives my tooth a stinging sensation.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to finish my doughnut. It was good at first but the size and the sweetness can get overbearing. I’ll still recommend it for a to-share dessert.

Mulled Wine – ReWine

Queen Victoria Night Market

Mulled Wine at the Queen Victoria Night Market

A hot spiced wine to keep you warm on a winter night. I’ve always seen mulled wine in a lot of travel blogs so I had high expectations. I’m not a wine lover myself, or any alcoholic drink for that matter. But I think it’s definitely worth a try, it’s different and interesting. 

The Mulled Wine tasted sweet and had a wonderful scent. It wasn’t too spicy as I had hoped for. It certainly feels very hearty and provides warmth on a cold winter evening. Just be sure not to throw your cup and get the deposit back.

Lobster Rolls

Queen Victoria Night Market

Sometimes, it’s okay to be a little shellfish!

One of the must-eats in the Queen Victoria Weekend Market. There’s a lot of things to enjoy in this sandwich. From the big chunks of lobster meat, butter toasted buns, veggies, and the sauce. The chunks of lobster meat are great for its price point. It’s cooked perfectly, moist and tender. The buns and veggies adds a crunch to your bite. The sauce brings it all together and gives that certain kick.

The queue can get really long. In fact, there’s a line for both ordering and claiming of food items. However, the stall set up is great as you can observe how the dishes are prepared. From the cooking, assembling and all the blow torching action!

Porchetta and Chips

Queen Victoria Night Market

Porchetta and Chips

Having stayed in Australia for a few days, we got tired of too much fish and chips. On the same stall selling lobster rolls, you may also get Porchetta and Chips. 

Porchetta is a rolled pork roast stuffed with different herbs and spices. It has a crisp and crackling skin but moist from the fat. The meat itself is rich, savory, juicy, and tender. It is an explosion of aroma from the spices and has mouth-watering flavor. The skin is divine and provides a contrast in texture.

Definitely try this out when given the chance. Porchetta is not your everyday food, it is typically consumed as a celebratory dish.

Corndogs – Seoul Station

Melbourne Central, Level 1, 211 La Trobe Street, CBD, Melbourne, VIC

Korean Corndog at Seoul Station

Being a mukbang fan, I’ve always wanted to try Korean corn dogs. This delightful little stall offers a variety of snacks from corn dogs, fried chicken, and chips. We just had dinner at that time and decided for a little snack of their corn dogs.

It consists mostly of cheese and sausage in a stick. Then submerged in a thick batter and packed with potato chunks to be fried to a golden brown color. You can also choose your sauce from ketchup or mustard and you can also add sugar.

The exterior is crisp but fluffy and moist on the inside. The batter was also well seasoned and had a taste on its own. The stringy cheese extends really well. If I have any complaints about this snack, it will be the size of the sausage. It was too small for my liking, and we all like a big long sausage.

Malaysian Food – Mamak

366 Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Mamak dishes!

We love Malaysian food and this award-winning restaurant was introduced to us by good friends. 

The restaurant has a wide array of Malaysian cuisine without compromising the quality. We decided to have dinner here and the place was packed. We had satay, nasi goreng, and roti canai. All of which tasted authentic and flavorful. The nasi goreng had a lot of shrimp which came as a surprise. The servings were huge and can be shared among a group of friends.

Another noteworthy thing about the restaurant is the glass window. You can see the chef in action, as they prepare the roti. As they should’ve said, “My roti brings all the boys to the yard.”


Melbourne’s food scene is interesting. It might be varied but it is also a perfect example of good competition. With these restaurants trying to outshine each other, better food is delivered. It might be expensive but the quality makes up for it. 

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