I Underestimated How Cold Hong Kong & Macau Could be

Updated October 4, 2017
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This post is part of my Bakbakan 2015 series of posts, narrating my first ever travel out of the Philippines, on my own, to 5 countries. Click here to see the summary and full itinerary!

First time out of the country and onto a crazy adventure, it was not a quick pass thru immigrations. Questions about my itinerary, job, health insurance, and more, filled up my 10 minute (probably more?) session with them. My confidence definitely helped and eventually the officer just asked if it was a soul-searching trip, which I cutely agreed. And that was it, I was off to a trip of a lifetime.

Actually arriving at Hong Kong made me realize how much I’ve underestimated the weather. I only brought one hoodie and it was far from enough against the holiday winds. The only good thing about the weather was that it tightened my pores.

Quick selfie at a store in Nathan Road

The whole day was just a walk through Nathan Road from my hostel in Yau Ma Tei all the way down the harbour area. Took pictures and videos, amazed by the surrounding that was totally new to me. I also bought Disneyland tickets from a travel agency in advance, so I wouldn’t have to line up when I go there. By sunset, I was at Victoria Harbour intaking the experience so far, and the long, exciting, days to come.

The vibrant lights of Hong Kong skyline welcomed me on my first night.

Going to a theme park alone sounds sad, but trust me, it should be on your to-do list. One reason why I enjoyed it very much is that I didn’t have to queue up on really long lines. I could just go on to the single-rider lane, and wait for around 10 minutes (sometimes much less) before I get to sit beside a random stranger. Some rides have no single-rider lane, but I went there on a Thursday so lines were pretty short for most of them. The fireworks show was worth the wait, and it’s the best way to end my Disneyland trip. Fave ride: RC Racer at Toy Story Land.

sunset ft Sleeping Beauty Castle

After walking the whole day and night at Disneyland, my legs were not having it this day. But there’s so much food to eat and sight to see, I just had a short rest in the morning before going out at lunch time. This day, I intend to explore as much of Hong Kong Island, so naturally I started it with Victoria Peak. By the time I got to the line for the tram up the peak, it already winded multiple rows outside the ticket booth. I didn’t want to spend too much so I just went ahead and waited in line.

The Peak ticket booth

After about an hour and thirty minutes, finally, I got to ride the tram. The ride up was a unique experience, it’s not a very modern type of vehicle, which just adds up to its distinctness. When we got to the top, we exited through a mall and onto a park with a panoramic view of HK Skyline. The top of the mall has a viewing deck but with an additional fee. Although, just the view from the park was enough to see what the Peak has to offer. I stayed for about 90 minutes and went in line for the tram going back down. The line was long but not as bad as the one earlier, plus it was still pretty early, and I’m sure it will not get any shorter. I didn’t wait for the sunset, but they said that the best view is around that time.

Hong Kong Skyline viewed from the Peak

Inside the tram on the way down from the Peak

When I got back to the ground, I walked around Central area, check out a few shops, took pictures of some murals, feelin like a total tourist. I had my dinner, none other than, at Jollibee, mainly because I wanted to know if it would be different. The chicken was pretty much the same, as it should be, some menu items just vary, like they have this mushroom-gravy-rice that goes really well with the chicken. After that I just walked around Central and called it a night.


I was debating whether to visit Ocean Park or Macau, but going to a new destination attracted me to choose Macau. I was late to the terminal so I only got the 11:30 am ferry ride. The first destinations I went to were the casinos, as they were closer to the terminal. What I love about Macau, is that you can get around easily just by riding the free casino buses, they have fixed routes though, so you have to adjust on times the destination is not where you’re going to.

Interior of The Venetian

It started raining lightly by the time I got to Macau Tower. I stayed for a bit, but there’s not much to do, especially on a rainy afternoon. Then I explored the area of Senado Square and St. Paul Ruins till nightfall.

Gloomy weather at Senado Square

The way from Senado Square to The St Paul Ruins was a free-taste haven

I catched the shuttle to Galaxy Macau, explored the area a bit, and got back to the ferry terminal 2 hours before my schedule. I went to the standby line, and got to ride the ferry back to Hong Kong an hour earlier.

Egg Waffle stall at Broadway in Macau

Galaxy Hotel & Casino


I took a rest all morning (but really, I just slept till past 10), then checked out of the hostel at 11. I left my backpack because my next flight is still hours ahead. So, I headed straight to Ladies Market and explored the surrounding area. Most stalls just opened and vendors were quite aggressive to get their first customer. I think they believe that the first person to approach their stall should, no matter what, buy anything from them, for good luck. In a way, I kind of used that opportunity to bargain really low. I got good deals and a bag full of souvenirs!

A normal scene at Ladies Market

I took the MTR to Tsim Sha Tsui and went around one last time. Finally got to try an eggette, an authentic one, which was the best way to end my Hong Kong-Macau trip. Next stop, Bangkok!

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