How Backpacking to 5 Countries On My Own Changed Me

Updated November 6, 2017
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This post is part of my Bakbakan 2015 series of posts, narrating my first ever travel out of the Philippines, on my own, to 5 countries. Click here to see the summary and full itinerary!

After 20 days of traveling alone through 7 destinations, I definitely changed. Going to different places, discovering various cultures, and trying out foreign cuisines creates a different you, you know. Especially at that time, I’ve never even been to a country outside my own. It was a first, for a lot of things for me. I’ve always been the reserved kid, the one who could fade into the background without anyone noticing. And being that type of person, I could never properly define myself to anyone. I sure had a personality, but I couldn’t find it for myself. Getting used to blending with the crowd made me forgot to develop my own uniqueness.

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I learned a lot of things but most importantly, I learned how to get to know myself. How I deal with situations that no one could help me. From jumping off a 60 meter platform with nothing but a cord around my feet, celebrating Christmas Eve on a sleeper train with only tuna sandwiches and lays chips, to catching a fever while transporting by land from one country to another. Those experiences created a new me, one that wouldn’t just be able to fade into the crowd, but one that can stand out as well if I wanted to. It’s a personal development I didn’t think I needed. But it’s something I’m glad I got to develop.

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If you’re thinking of travelling by yourself, and still feeling hesitant about it, this is your sign to go ahead and do it! Stop with all the whatifs and go book that trip. You can even go do the same things I did. It will be an experience you’ve never had before, and you will come out of it a different person than you are right now.

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Wow that was so dramatic, I deserve an EGOT tbh