Eat & Run in 2017

Updated January 21, 2018
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2017 was a pretty great travel-year for me. I had no major trips in the first quarter and just booked a bunch of flights to get me nourished through out the year. I actually, successfully booked 2 roundtrip flights on Cebu Pacific’s Piso fare for the first time ever. One was our Cebu trip, and the other one (booked through GetGo 10 Points Sale) was my solo China trip. For a total of 9 countries, including the Philippines, it was my most travel-filled year so far!!


First trip of the year was Indochina! Me and Wayne went to 3 countries, you know the usual route of Vietnam-Cambodia-Thailand during the Songkran (or Thai/Khmer New Year) festivities. But of course, I didn’t want it to be like everybody else’s trip, so I included a night in Phnom Penh and Chiang Mai. Phnom Penh was on the way anyway, and most people stop there for a few hours, so I just extended that to 1 night just to see what’s out there. Chiang Mai though was a little bit harder, and farther. But, it was worth the 14-hour train ride just to get to bathe with elephants. The highlight of this trip was the Songkran celebration at Silom in Bangkok. It was wet, wild, and weird!! I know I suck at posting entries because I haven’t made a post about this trip yet, but I promise myself to do it with in this half of the year!! I swear!!!

Wayne at Bayon Temple in Cambodia 2017

Wayne at Bayon Temple in Cambodia


Next was Tokyo! I went there with my cousins because we got to trick our uncle to buy us flights and sponsor our visas. It was so great to go back to this city. My first trip to Japan was too budgeted, I was so concerned with every purchase. So I promised myself to not do that in this trip and buy and eat whatever I wanted to.

Onigiri! <3

Onigiri! <3

Malaysia and Philippines

The next two trips were in 2 consecutive weekends which was like running a marathon to plan. Kota Kinabalu was more of a food-trip for me. My first time in Malaysia in 2015 limited me in terms of food because I got sick, so I went all-out this time and tasted as much Malaysian food as I could. Dumaguete+Siquijor was more on the nature side between the two. Falls, beaches, sandbars, all those naturey amazing stuff!!

Roti Sardin at Sri Maimunah Curry House in Kota Kinabalu

High tide at Manjuyod Sandbar in Negros Oriental

I’ve always wanted to go back to Cebu since I only experienced Sinulog the first time I went there. So for this trip, we explored parts of the southwest and northwest Cebu. I also got to try to skydive at Bantayan Island which was a major feat for me! Overall, I really loved all the nature-adventure stuff Cebu gave us. Check out my Cebu itinerary here.

Me before skydiving

My last 2 trips of 2017, only a few weeks apart, were very major for me. One, because both trips involve a new country to visit. And two, because both countries were outside the usual travel destinations. China and India!


My favorite part about my China trip was the difference in seasons between Shanghai and Beijing. I went at a time when autumn was transitioning to winter, so while it was still red-orange-yellow foliage in Shanghai, Beijing was already dropping to negative degrees. I loved the scenery change, and it gave me a totally unique experience of each city. Click here to see the full itinerary.

Me at Temple of Heaven in Beijing

Malaysia (again), India, and Singapore

The last trip, and probably the most major for this year, was my solo what-am-I-thinking trip to India. Since there’s no direct flight from Manila, I planned this trip to have multiple destinations because I love doing that and stressing myself. I stayed 2 nights in Kuala Lumpur, basically just to eat my favorite cuisine in the world. Last stop was Singapore, and I celebrated New Years Eve there.

My favorite food stop at Kuala Lumpur, Nasi Kandar Pelita!

My favorite food stop at Kuala Lumpur, Nasi Kandar Pelita!

Wouldn't wanna miss to eat at a Michelin Starred restaurant! Hawker Chan!!

Wouldn’t wanna miss to eat at a Michelin Starred restaurant! Hawker Chan!!

This trip to India will always remain as one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life, travel wise. It was stressful, overwhelming, crazy, but a super super amazing adventure. Being there, even just walking the streets of New Delhi, is already an experience in itself. Highlights of this trip are the architecture and food. By basing on historical landmarks, India easily tops the most beautiful countries I have ever been.

Me in Safdarjung Tomb in New Delhi

What I realized with all my travels in 2017 was, to just book flights. “Book now, worry later”, that was my mantra in 2017. Whenever I find an airfare that’s pretty reasonable, I instantly book it, and plan about that trip a month before it come. Of course, it literally comes with a price, so I should always be ready to pay. This 2018, I hope to keep that mantra, have more adventures, and be better at sharing it in this blog!!! Happy New Year everyone! Where do you think should I go to next? 😁✈️🏃🏽