Australia 8 Days DIY Itinerary

Updated July 6, 2020
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I know that my blog’s address is eatandrun-dot-ASIA, but that doesn’t mean I can’t post my travels outside of Asia… Right? I mean, I can literally make-up any rule for this blog. But if we’re being formal, I could just say that most of my (few) readers are from Asia hence the URL name. Anyway, Australia!! OZ!! Land down under!!! Welcome to my post about it!!

Wayne on the ferry ride to Watsons Bay

After my South Korea-Japan Trip in 2016, I actually wanted an Australia & New Zealand trip the following year. Budget wise, it would have been almost impossible. So instead, I visited a bunch of other countries around Asia that year and parked this idea until the right time comes.

And in January of 2019, I finally decided that this is the right year to do this trip. I prepared for months, researching deep from getting a visa to getting around each city. And for the budget, I avoided Starbucks, Coco, Gong Cha at all costs just to save up.

Photobombers at Bondi Beach

We did a continuous trip from Australia to New Zealand, but this post will only focus on our day-to-day itinerary in Australia. We visited Sydney and Melbourne in a span of 8 days, spending 4 days in each city with an overnight train ride in the middle. But the very last day was an early flight out of Melbourne and into New Zealand, so we only actually spent 3 full days in Melbourne. If you also wanna see our NZL Itinerary, click here!

Day 0

  • 22:20 – Flight PR211 Manila to Sydney

Day 1

  • Morning
    • Arrive at Syndey Airport
    • Activate our travel sim card from Travel Sim PH (PHP 900.00 per sim)
    • Get an Opal card at WHSmith (AUD 40.00 per person)
      • The card is free but we reload 40 in it
    • Ola Cab to Maze Backpackers (AUD 34.54)
    • Check-in at Maze Backpackers
    • Freshen up for the long day ahead (we’re fresh off a red-eye flight!!!)
View at Sydney Tower Buffet
  • Afternoon
    • Lunch at Sydney Tower Buffet (AUD 85.00 per person)
    • Visit Angel Place Birdcages
    • Sydney Opera House
    • Sydney Harbour Bridge
      • Crossing the bridge at sunset gives the best lighting for portrait pics!
    • Milsons Point & Luna Park
      • Luna Park looks best at night
    • Ferry from Milsons Point to Circular Quay
  • Night
    • Explore The Rocks
    • We got so tired from the overnight flight to walking all day, that we forgot to eat dinner and just slept thru the night

Day 2

  • Morning
    • Brunch at Harry’s Cafe De Wheels
      • Tiger Pie (AUD 8.50)
      • Chili dog (AUD 8.90)
    • Paddy’s Market
      • Souvenirs (AUD 24.00)
    • Walk to Museum Station Bus Stand A
    • Take Bus 333 to Bondi Beach
Our orders at Harry’s that include their famous Tiger meat pie
  • Afternoon to Night
    • Bondi to Coogee walk
      • Bondi Beach
      • Tamarama Point
      • Tamarama Beach
      • Bronte Beach
      • Coogee Beach
    • Dinner at A Fish Called Coogee
      • 2 Fish & Chips (AUD 12.8 each)
    • Bus 373 to Museum of Sydney Stop
    • Drinks at Matcha-Ya
      • Matcha Latte (AUD 6.00)
      • Black Sesame Latte (AUD 6.00)
Tall waves of Bondi Beach
  • Midnight
    • Visit Stonewall Hotel for Polly’s Follies show
      • Long Island (AUD 10.00 each – promo drink of the night)
    • Snacks at Pie Face
      • Steak Bacon Cheese Pie (AUD 5.80)

Day 3

  • Morning
  • Afternoon
    • Bus to Echo Point
    • Three Sisters View Point
    • Prince Henry Cliff Walk to Scenic World
    • Eagle Hawk Lookout
    • Malaita Lookout
    • Walk back to Scenic World
    • Bus to Yellow Deli Cafe
    • Lunch/Dinner (Linner?) at Yellow Deli Cafe
      • Reuben Sandwich (AUD 11.00)
      • DeliRose Sandwich (AUD 11.00)
      • Soup of the Day (AUD 7.00)
      • 2 Hot Not Choco* (AUD 4.50 each)
        • *This is like made of carrots or something and we highly recommend it!!!!! So good!
    • Train from Katoomba Station to Central then Central to Circular Quay
  • Night
    • Visit the Sydney Opera House at night
    • Train to Newtown
    • Walk around Newtown
    • Train to Central
    • Coco milk tea (AUD 13.2 for 2)
The Three Sisters at Blue Mountains

Day 4

  • Morning
    • Check out of the hostel and leave bags
    • Breakfast at Dun Huang Lou Lan Zhou Beef Noodle
      • Beef Noodle Classic Lanzhou Style (AUD 12.80)
      • Braised Beef Noodles (AUD 14.80)
    • Bus to Circular Quay
    • Ferry from Circular Quay to Watsons Bay
  • Afternoon
    • Top up Opal Card (AUD 10.00 each)
    • Visit Watsons Bay
      • The Gap Lookout
      • South Head Heritage Trail
      • Hornby Lighthouse
    • Late Lunch at Doyle’s
      • Fish & Chips (AUD 15.90 each)
    • Ferry back to Circular Quay
    • Visit Darling Harbour
  • Night
    • Dinner at Spice Alley (Around AUD 10-20 per dish)
    • Get bags at the hostel
    • Walk to Sydney Central Station
    • Sydney to Melbourne via NSW TrainLink (AUD 88.58 per person)
View at the Gap Lookout at Watsons Bay

Day 5

  • Morning
    • Arrive at Melbourne (Southern Cross Station)
    • Morning coffee at the station cafe
      • Flat White (AUD 3.80)
      • Vanilla Chai Latte (AUD 3.80)
    • Purchase Myki Cards
      • AUD 6.00 per card + AUD 30.00 top up
    • Train to Melbourne Central & Walk to Elizabeth Hostel
    • Check-in at Elizabeth Hostel
  • Lunch & Afternoon
    • Lunch at Butcher’s Diner
      • Cheeseburger (AUD 12.90)
      • Cheeseburger with House Bacon (AUD 14.90)
      • Classic Greek Pork Skewers (AUD 14.00)
    • Start of Melbourne CBD Free Walking Tour from 2:30 to 5:30 PM (via I’m Free Walking Tours)
      • Federation Square
      • Bourke St
      • Flinders St Station
      • Yarra River
      • Eureka Tower
      • Chinatown
      • Street art
      • Aboriginal History
      • Early settlement history
      • and more!!!
    • Coffee & Cookie at Earl (AUD 5.00 each)
    • Back to the hostel for some rest
Sunset view of Melbourne CBD across the Yarra River
  • Night
    • Dinner at Queen Victoria Winter Night Market
      • Lobster Roll (AUD 20.00)
      • Porchetta and Chips (AUD 18.00)
      • Mulled Wine (AUD 8.00 each)
    • Tram to Flinder’s Street then walk to Hosier Lane
    • Visit Hosier Lane
    • Snacks at Seoul Station
      • Corndog (AUD 7.00 each)
Lobster Rolls at the Queen Victoria Winter Night Market

Day 6

  • Day
    • Breakfast at McDonald’s (AUD 18.30 for 2)
    • Great Ocean Road Day Tour from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM via Klook (Around PHP 4,200.00 per person)
      • Torquay Beach
      • Great Ocean Road Memorial Arch
      • Lorne Beach
      • Kennet River (birds and koala sightings)
      • Cape Patton Lookout
      • Lunch at Apollo Bay, own expense (Apollo bay Seafood Cafe – AUD 24.20 for 2)
      • Great Otway National Park
      • The Twelve Apostles
      • Loch Ard Gorge
      • Gibson Steps
      • Dinner along the way back to Melbourne, own expense (Red Rooster – AUD 13.49 for 2)
The Twelve Apostles along the Great Ocean Road
  • Night
    • Rest back at the hostel
    • Night-out at The 86 (Honcho Disco)
      • Pint of beer (Around AUD 13.00 each, I barely remember lol)

Day 7

  • Morning to Noon
    • Breakfast at Doughnut Time (AUD 13.60 for 2)
      • It’s Always A Gaytime (Golden Gaytime donut)
      • Love at First Bite (Nutella donut)
    • Take Belgrave line from Flinders St Station to Belgrave Train Station
    • Walk to Puffing Billy Belgrave Station
    • Puffing Billy Railway via Klook
      • Snacks at Lakeside Station (AUD 17.20 for 2)
    • Take the same train back to Flinders St Station
Puffing Billy Railway
  • Afternoon
    • Take the train from Flinders St to Middle Brighton
    • Late Lunch at Half Moon
      • Sirloin Steak (AUD 38.00)
      • Cheeseburger (AUD 22.00)
    • Walk to Brighton Beach
    • Visit Brighton Bathing Boxes
    • Take the Bus 923 to St. Kilda
    • St. Kilda Beach
    • Penguin Viewing at/after sunset
Me Twinning with the bathing box at Brighton Beach
  • Night
    • Take the tram to CBD
    • Dinner at Mamak
      • 6 Sticks of Satay (AUD 12.00)
      • Nasi Goreng (AUD 15.00)
      • Roti Canai (AUD 8.00)
Amazing Malaysian Food at Mamak

Day 8

  • Morning
    • Ola Cab to Melbourne Airport (AUD 30.85)
    • Arrive at the airport, Check-in
    • Flight to Queenstown at 6:30 AM (bye-bye Australia, hello New Zealand!)


Australian Visa FeeOnline ApplicationAUD 141.40
(Around PHP 5,224.00*)
per person
Sydney Maze BackpackersTwin beds with shared bathroom
via Agoda
AUD 165.00
for 3 Nights
Sydney to Melbourne Overnight Trainvia NSW TrainlinkPHP 3,274.50**
per person
Melbourne Elizabeth HostelDouble bed with shared bathroom
via Agoda
PHP 6,902.43**
for 3 Nights
Great Ocean Road Tourvia KlookPHP 3,900.00*
per person
Puffing Billy Railway Ticketsvia KlookPHP 1,800.00*
per person
Total credit card and PayMaya expensesfood, souvenirs, etc...PHP 4,331.06**
for 2 people
Cash Expensesfood, souvenirs, etc...AUD 960.00
for 2 people
TOTALPHP 79,656.33***
for 2 people
PHP 39,828.165***
per person
*Depends on the currency exchange
**Reflected on bank statement
***Not including flights
Powered by 12Go system

Getting Australian Dollars in Manila is easy so we got ours a week before this trip. We compared rates from banks and money changers and the most convenient for us was at Czarina’s. The rate we got was 35.6 Pesos per AUD, which was a pretty good deal at that time. Going cashless in Australia is also possible since most shops and restaurants accept card, tap, or QR payments. I actually got to use my PayMaya paywave card a bunch of times and it was super easy and fast.


This itinerary is great for first-timers because it will show you the modern cities that we know today but also bring you to plenty of nature destinations nearby. We did a lot of nature walks and skipped the zoos because it was winter and I wanted to hike without sweating. So if you’re keen to visit some native Australian animals, just swap our Watsons Bay trip for Taronga Zoo or join a Blue Mountains Group Tour that includes the Featherdale Wildlife Park. But if you wander around Sydney, you can easily spot “bin chickens” (Australian White Ibis) known for hunting food in….. trash bins!

Places in Australia are super easy to navigate. And with our data connection from Travel Sim PH, we just used Google Maps for the fastest commute to where we were going. We loved Australia and this country is a whole continent on its own! So we’re definitely coming back, and definitely not bringing home any jars of Vegemite anymore!

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