Exploring cultures through food and sights!

Welcome to Eat & Run! Join us, as we experience the beauty of our planet, through old traditions and modern practices that shape different cultures and define people, places, and cuisines. Or in short, we just love to travel and ramble on the internet!!!!!

I, Jim (the president of this club), started traveling in 2015 when I planned a crazy itinerary to get away from everyone. I called it ‘Bakbakan Bakpak Trip’ and went to 7 destinations in 5 countries for 20 days. I did it again the following year with a bigger budget and a shorter name of just ‘Bakbakan 2016’, in 2 (but crazy expensive) countries for 17 days. And from then on I became a tenant on booking websites…. lmao

a tourist at Manjuyod Sand Bar in Negros Oriental

I’m not a full-time traveler, but I’ll try to post as much as possible, since there’s so much to tell about each destination. Make sure to follow the Eat & Run Facebook page, Instagram profile, and Youtube channel, to get updated with stuffff that I create. I also have a personal Instagram, not to promote it or anything, but you can follow it too, not to promote as I said, just telling that it’s there… and you can follow it… if you like of course…. 🙂

the same tourist in Takeshita Street, Harajuku

I mostly write about experiences and itineraries. When it comes to food, Wayne is in charge. He’s the one who researches on local food and finds restaurants that we should visit. He started contributing in this blog in Nov 2018 but watch out for more posts from him soon!!

Wayne staring down a stick of pork intestines in Hong Kong

Wayne staring down a stick of pork intestines in Hong Kong