9 Days Indonesia DIY Itinerary

Updated June 9, 2019
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With Indonesia being a huge archipelago, I always knew I had to dedicate an entire trip only for it. And since it would be my first time, I only went to some of its most touristy cities. From the capital Jakarta, all the way through Yogyakarta and East Java, and finally to Bali.

Check out my full itinerary and breakdown of expenses below. Also, I included some of the prices just to give you an idea of food and other costs.

Day 0

  • Flight 5J759 Manila to Jakarta
  • Ride Damri Bus to Gambir Station (40,000/person)
  • Take a bajay (tuk-tuk) to City Inn (35,000 per bajay)
  • Check in at City Inn
First lunch in Jakarta ~ Ayam Nasi Goreng

First lunch in Jakarta ~ Ayam Nasi Goreng

Day 1

  • Check out of hotel and leave bags
  • Lunch at a restaurant along Jalan Jaksa (95,000 for 2)
  • Galeri Nasional Indonesia
  • Buy data sim card and snacks at Gambir Station (100,000 for 10GB)
  • Monumen Nasional
  • National Museum
  • Sarinah Departement Store (28,000 for 1 Mango Smoothie)
  • Back to hotel to get bags
  • Early dinner at Restoran Garuda Sabang (140,000 for 2)
  • GrabCar to Airport (135,500)
  • Snacks at the airport (29,500)
  • Flight QG770 Jakarta to Yogyakarta
  • GrabCar to Andrea Hotel (43,000)
  • Late check in at Andrea Hotel
  • Midnight snacks at Indomart (13,000)
Pay-what-you-eat dining at Restoran Garuda Sabang (+Wayne)

Pay-what-you-eat dining at Restoran Garuda Sabang (+Wayne)

Day 2

  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Look for car rental for tomorrow
  • Explore the area near the hotel
  • Lunch & fruit shake at Sambel Uleg (65,000 for 2)
  • Ice cream at Malioboro Mall (6,000/cone)
  • GrabCar to Taman Sari (15,000)
  • Taman Sari Water Palace (15,000 per person & 3,000 fee for the camera)
  • Yogyakarta Palace (outside only)
  • Walk along Malioboro Street
  • Dinner at Superman Restaurant Jogjakarta (105,000 for 2)
Me at Taman Sari Water Palace

Me at Taman Sari Water Palace

Day 3

  • Wake up early and check out of hotel
  • Meet the car rental driver (400,000 for 12 hrs w/ driver and petrol)
  • Early breakfast at Indomart (35,000)
  • Sunrise at Punthuk Setumbu (30,000/person)
  • Gereja Ayam/Chicken Church (30,000/person & 10,000 parking)
  • Mendut Monastery & Temple (3,500/person & 5,000 parking)
  • Borobudur Temple (540,000/person with Prambanan Combo Ticket & 10,000 parking)
  • Lunch outside the temple (55,000 for 2)
  • Prambanan Temple
  • End of car rental at Yogyakarta Train Station
  • Print train tickets at the counter (bought online)
  • Snacks at Alfamart (30,000)
  • Take train from Yogyakarta to Surabaya (free dinner onboard)
  • Walk to My Studio Hotel Surabaya
  • Check in at My Studio Hotel
Me at one of the temples at Prambanan

Me at one of the temples at Prambanan

Day 4

  • Brunch at Captain Hood – Fish & Chicken (71,500 for 2)
  • Look around for a Bromo Tour Package/Private Car Rental
  • Snacks at Alfamart (47,200)
  • Submarine Monument (15,000/person fee)
  • Rest Day
  • Dinner at Burger King Surabaya Plaza (109,000 for 2)
  • Wait at the hotel lobby for the car rental driver
  • Leave for Mt. Bromo at 11PM (900,000 for the car with driver and petrol)
Exterior of the Submarine Monument

Exterior of the Submarine Monument

Day 5

  • Arrive at Cemoro Lawang at 2AM
  • Transfer to a 4×4 Jeep arranged by our driver (600,000 for the Jeep tour of Bromo)
  • Arrive at Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park Entrance (220,000/person)
  • Buy scarves (10,000), beanies (10,000), and masks (5,000) at the viewpoint
  • Sunrise at Mt. Penanjakan viewpoint
  • Breakfast at a local restaurant near the viewpoint (10,000/Pop Mie Cup Noodles)
  • Take Jeep to the sea of sand of Tengger Caldera
  • Drop off at the starting point for the crater
  • Hike to the crater
  • Back to the Jeep to explore more areas around Tengger Caldera
  • Teletubbies Hill & Black Sand Desert
  • Jeep back to the parking at Cemoro Lawang
  • Private Car Rental back to Surabaya
  • Late lunch at Istana Mie & Es Plaza Surabaya (80,000 for 2)
  • Buy snacks at Pie 33 Plaza Surabaya (24,000 for 4 pies)
  • Rest at the hotel
  • Dinner at McDonald’s at Plaza Surabaya (73,000 for 2)
Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park from Penanjakan viewpoint

Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park from Penanjakan viewpoint

Day 6

  • GrabCar to the airport (81,000)
  • Breakfast at KFC (77,000 for 2)
  • Flight XT635 Surabaya to Bali
  • GrabCar to Seminyak (54,000)
  • Check in at Primera Hotel Seminyak
  • Lunch at Cendana Restaurant (118,000 for 2)
  • Explore Seminyak town and beach
  • Look for Ubud tours/private car rentals
  • Dinner at Warung Murah (63,800 for 2)
Waves at Seminyak Beach

Waves at Seminyak Beach

Day 7

  • Early morning start of Ubud tour on private car (500,000 with driver, petrol, and parking)
  • Barong and Kris Dance (100,000/person)
  • Legong Fine art of Batik
  • Painting Village at Batuan
  • Batuan Temple
  • Lunch at Warung Dewa Malen (205,700 for 2)
  • Luwak Coffee Plantation (Free coffee, tea, & purple yam chips, optional giant swing for 200,000)
  • Tegallalang Rice Terraces
  • Tampak Siring Temple (15,000/person)
  • Gunung Kawi Temple (15,000/person)
  • Tegenungan waterfall (15,000/person)
  • Back to Seminyak
  • Dinner at Warung Ocha (100,000 for 2)
  • Buy souvenirs along Oberoi Street Market
  • Party party at Seminyak nightclubs (50,000-80,000/bottle of beer)
Me at Tegallalang Rice Terraces

Me at Tegallalang Rice Terraces

Day 8

  • Van service from hotel to Sanur Port
  • Boat service from Sanur to Nusa Penida (450,000/person for Van + Boat round trip package)
  • Scooter tour of Nusa Penida (250,000/person with driver, petrol, & parking – peak season rate)
  • Kelingking beach viewing area (5,000/person)
  • Lunch at Warung Sunset Seaview (120,000 for 4)
  • Angel’s Billabong and Broken Beach (5,000/person)
  • Crystal Bay Beach
  • Back to Nusa Penida Port
  • Boat back to Sanur
  • Van back to Seminyak
  • Dinner at Cabe Rawit (162,800 for 2)
  • Souvenir shopping at Bintang Supermarket
Kelingking Beach at Nusa Penida

Kelingking Beach at Nusa Penida

Day 9

  • Early morning pack up
  • GrabCar to Ngurah Rai International Airport (40,000)
  • Flight 5J280 Bali to Manila
Our last dinner in Bali at Cabe Rawit

Our last dinner in Bali at Cabe Rawit


Flight and Train Tickets:
Manila to Jakarta FlightPHP 1,899.00
per person
Cebu Pacific
Jakarta to Yogyakarta FlightIDR 960,000.00
per person
Bought at Tiket.com
Yogyakarta to Surabaya TrainIDR 250,000.00
per person
Sancaka Lebaran Train Eksekutif Class
Bought at Tiket.com
Surabaya to Bali FlightIDR 650,000.00
per person
Bought at Tiket.com
Bali to Manila Flight PHP 4,896.50
per person
Cebu Pacific
City Inn JakartaIDR 255,000.00Double Bed AC Room
1 Night
Andrea Hotel YogyakartaIDR 350,000.00Double Bed Fan Room
2 Nights
My Studio Hotel SurabayaPHP 727.07
per person
3 Nights
Primera Hotel Seminyak PHP 3,351.81Double Bed AC Room
3 Nights
Car Rentals:
Yogyakarta Borobudur area and PrambananIDR 400,000.00Minivan
Surabaya to Cemoro Lawang vice versaIDR 900,000.00Avanza
Bromo Tengger Semeru National ParkIDR 600,000.004x4 Jeep
Ubud areaIDR 500,000.00Minivan
Nusa Penida areaIDR 500,000.002 Scooters with driver
Other Expenses
Food, Admission fees, Souvenirs, etc.PHP 12,500.00Converted to PHP
TOTALPHP 33,745.00 per person

One challenge during this trip was exchanging our money. We only brought Philippine Peso bills but the exchange rates were really bad. REALLY BAD. So we decided to just withdraw Rupiahs on ATMs. Although there were minimal fees, we still got better rates compared to money changers. We found Mandiri ATMs to be the most reliable and one of the most common ones. Some of their machines can dispense up to 2.5 Million Rupiahs, which is a lot more than the typical. If you’re planning on using ATMs, just make sure to call your bank before your trip so they wouldn’t block you account for suspicious international activities.

This is the rate of one of my withdrawals:

IDR 2,500,000.00 (withdrawn cash) = PHP 9,618.35 (actual conversion) + PHP 184.63 (Fee)


The craziest part was we went there during the Eid al-Fitr holiday. Trains were mostly booked and flights were a bit expensive. Even tour packages were on high prices. So I planned every hotel and transfer thoroughly to avoid the crowd of locals going home to their provinces. If you’ve noticed, we went on a lot of flights mainly because there’s no other options. It was also better in the end since we saved a lot of time in transportation.

View of Bali mountains from the plane

View of Bali mountains from the plane

Indonesia, or at least the parts we explored, is an amazing country that offers everything a tourist ask for. Temples, food, shopping, party, nature, they’re all there! Our 9-day trip brought us different experiences from active volcanoes to gigantic waves. And to think that we’re only just scratching the surface.

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