Taiwan 7 Days DIY Itinerary

Updated June 10, 2019
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This Taiwan itinerary is very packed, backpacker-style, but not too budgeted. I allowed myself to spend more than I was used to, especially on food. It was the best decision, and I never did the super-strict budget-travel ever since.

I went there right at Christmas day and flew back home a few minutes after New Years. It was a full 7-day trip, that let me explore major districts in Taiwan (Xinbei, Taichung, Kaohsiung, Taipei). This trip beautifully introduced the country to me, making me want to go back there for more.

Here’s my day by day itinerary and breakdown of expenses.

Day 0

  • Arrive at Taoyuan International Airport aboard flight 5J 310
  • Sleep at the airport

Buildings at Jiufen

Click here to read “Spirited Away in Jiufen”

Day 1

  • Ride Bus #1819 from the airport to Taipei Main Station
    MRT from Taipei Main Station to Zhongxiao Fuxing
  • Bus route 1062 (Keelung Bus) to Jinguashi, alight at Jiufen
  • Check in at guesthouse (Airbnb)
  • Go around Jiufen Old Street

A Mei Tea House, a major inspiration for Spirited Away

Day 2

  • Bus to Ruifang Station
  • Ride Pingxi Line to Shi Fen
  • Shi Fen Waterfall
  • Shi Fen Old Street
  • Back to Ruifang then back to Jiufen
  • Rest of the night exploring around Jiufen

Flying of Sky Lanterns right at the tracks of Shifen Station

Day 3

  • Check out of guesthouse
  • Ride bus #1062 back to Taipei (Zhongxiao Fuxing)
  • MRT to Taipei Main Station
  • Train ride to Taichung
  • Check in at Kiwi Express Hotel
  • Ride bus #27/#30 from Taichung Station to Ling Tung University
  • Walk to Rainbow Village and explore the area
  • Ride bus to Park Lane by CMP and explore the area
  • Bus back to Taichung Station
  • Back to hotel

One of the houses at Rainbow Village

Day 4

  • Check out of hotel
  • Take Train from Taichung Station to Kaohsiung
  • Check in at Centre Hotel Kaohsiung
  • Take the 8010/11 bus from Kaohsiung Main Station to Fo Guang Shan Monastery
  • Explore the monastery
  • Bus back to Kaohsiung Main Station
  • Take the subway to Yanchengpu Station
  • Explore the area up to the Love River
  • Take the subway back to Formossa Boulevard Station and back to hotel

Buddha Statues at Fo Guang Shan Monastery

Day 5

  • Check out of hotel
  • Take Train from Kaohsiung Station to Taipei Main Station
  • Check in at Taipei Hostel (booked thru email) near Shandao Temple Station
  • Take the metro to Maokong Zoo Station
  • Ride the Maokong Gondola
  • Take the metro to Jiantan Station
  • Explore Shilin Night Market

Fluffy bread sold at Shi Lin Night Market

Day 6

  • Take a KuoKuang bus from the Taipei West Bus Station to Yehliu Geopark
  • Alight at Yehliu stop
  • Explore Yehliu Geopark
  • Ride bus back to Taipei Main Station
  • Take the metro to C.K.S. Memorial Hall Station
  • Explore Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall and surrounding areas
  • Take the metro to Ximen Station
  • Go bar hopping

Me at Yehliu Geopark

Day 7

  • Check out of hostel
  • Leave bags at a storage facility near Taipei Main Station
  • Take the metro to Taipei 101/World Trade Center Station
  • Buy Tickets for the Taipei 101 Observation Deck
  • Explore the Taipei 101 surrounding area to wait for the scheduled ticket
  • Go to the observation deck
  • Walk to Linjiang Street Night Market and explore the area
  • Go back to Taipei Main Station before the storage facility closes and get bags
  • Take the bullet train to Taoyuan International Airport
  • Board flight 5J 311 back to Manila

Street food at Linjiang Street Night Market

Breakdown of Expenses

Roundtrip FlightsPHP 5,409.40
for 1 person
Cebu Pacific
Jiufen GuesthousePHP 2,785.00
for 2 people
2 nights
Own room
Shared Bathroom
Kiwi Express HotelPHP 1,048.00
for 2 people
1 Night
Centre Hotel KaohsiungPHP 940.00
for 2 people
1 Night
Queen-Size Bed
Studio Room
Taipei HostelPHP 3,400.00
for 2 people
2 Nights
Queen-size bed
Studio Room
Pocket MoneyPHP 15,000.00
for 1 person
Combined money exchanged at the airport and the bank, and ATM widthrawals
TOTALPHP 25,000.00
per person
Varies depending on exchange rate

Now that Taiwan is visa-free for Philippine passport holders, I’m sure it will get more and more popular. So plan your trip immediately and be there soon!

Share this itinerary to your friends to let them know how many beautiful places there are to visit in Taiwan. <3

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