3-Day Dumaguete-Siquijor Itinerary

Updated June 10, 2019
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Dumaguete is one of the easiest places to visit on a long weekend. Partner that with Siquijor and you’ll have the perfect 3-Day trip with amazing nature destinations and local delicacies.

I grew up eating sans rival cakes on every major occasion. There was this bakery on a nearby town that made the best sans-rival cake I’ve ever had. And I always thought it was just a typical flavor, like chocolate or black forest. So when I discovered that it originated locally in Dumaguete, I knew I had to visit that place.

Sans Rival Bistro, a restaurant beside the original Sans Rival bakery

Sans Rival Bistro, a restaurant beside the original Sans Rival bakery

Day 1

  • Flight 5J623 Manila-Dumaguete
  • Check in at The U Pension
  • Eat snacks at Sans Rival
  • Late dinner at Joe’s Chicken Inato

The flight to Dumaguete arrived just after sunset so my first day (or night I guess) consisted of only walking through Rizal Boulevard and eating around the area (Joe’s Chicken Inato and Sans Rival Cakes and Pastries). There was not much to do with in the city, but the atmosphere was a bit laid-back so I really liked that about it.

Rizal Boulevard at night

Rizal Boulevard at night

Day 2

  • Wake up really early
  • Walk to Port of Dumaguete
  • Catch the early morning ferry to Siquijor
  • Upon arriving at Siquijor, hire a habal-habal tour
  • Paliton Beach
  • Century Old Balete Tree
  • Lazi Church
  • Cambughay Falls
  • Salagdoong Beach
  • Guiwanon Spring Park
  • Catch 4:30 PM Ferry back to Dumaguete
  • Dinner at Sans Rival Bistro
Sunrise at Port of Dumaguete

Sunrise at Port of Dumaguete

To get the most out of Siquijor, we decided to catch the earliest ferry from Port of Dumaguete. We got to the ticket booth outside the port at around 5:40 AM. There was already a bit of a line of about 30 people. We boarded the ferry at 6:30 and the boat left at 7:00. We arrived at Siquijor at 8:30, immediately rented a habal-habal tour, and started our journey. They have a flat rate for tricycle tours, but we chose the habal-habal for faster transfer in between destinations. Plus, it’s more thrilling!

A tourist shot, of course!

Paliton Beach

Paliton Beach

Siquijor is not a big island so circumnavigating it for a day is possible. By lunchtime, we already covered more than half of the road at Cambughay Falls. Unfortunately we didn’t bring packed food so we waited till our stop at Salagdoong Beach to have our lunch. Salagdoong Beach is a resort so the food was quite expensive, but it was good especially the Tom Yum soup (I actually don’t remember if it was Tom Yum, but it tasted like that, could have been spicy sinigang or something hehehe).

Interior of Lazi Church

The multi-layered Cambughay Falls

Me at Salagdoong Beach

We finished our tour at 3PM, had snacks near the pier and got to the ferry going back to Dumaguete at 4. This time was perfect to catch the pink sunset behind Dumaguete, an amazing scenic view!

Pink sunset at Port of Dumaguete

Sans Rival Bistro

That night, we decided to try Sans Rival Bistro, a restaurant beside the main bakeshop. Prices were decent, and the food we ordered tasted great. I particularly loved their French Onion Soup. We also tried different cakes this time since we already had Sylvanas and Sans Rival Cake the night before. I think we had Oreo Chocolate Cake and Apple-Cinnamon Muffin(?). Loved them both, totally worth the visit!!!

French Onion Soup at Sans Rival Bistro

French Onion Soup at Sans Rival Bistro

Day 3

  • Check out and leave bags at the hotel
  • Walk to Ceres Liner Terminal
  • Ride ordinary bus to Bais City
  • Rent a tricycle/boat package going to Manjuyod Sandbar
  • Manjuyod boat tour
  • Ceres bus back to Dumaguete
  • Tricycle to Sibulan Airport
  • Flight 5J624 back to Manila

Our third and last day was a choice between Apo Island and Manjuyod Sandbar. Since we’re not great swimmers, Manjuyod was the best decision at that time. I mean, I know basic swimming and diving a few meters down the sea, but I haven’t had any real experience on freediving. So when I go back here, Apo Island is on the list!

Boat ride to Manjuyod Sandbar

Boat ride to Manjuyod Sandbar

We walked the length of the town to get to Ceres Liner Terminal.  There, we asked around which bus should we take to get to Manjuyod Sandbar, which was the Bais bound bus. When we got off at Bais City, there were already people offering us tour packages. We got a deal for PHP 2,200 all-in, that includes roundtrip tricycle service and boat ride to Manjuyod Sandbar.

Make sure to never ever pick up starfishes from the sea!

Nipa huts at Manjuyod Sandbar

Me at the sandbar


We got our flights about 6 weeks before the trip so it was pretty cheap considering that. Regarding our pocket money, I honestly lost track of our expenses so I just made an estimate. I’m pretty sure you could spend waaaaay less than that, we were just feeling festive.

Roundtrip Flights
PHP 4,026.00
for 2
Cebu Pacific
The U Pension PHP 2,541.422 Nights
Own room
Siquijor TourPHP 1,000.00
for 2
Manjuyod TourPHP 2,200.00
for 2
Tricycle + Boat
Pocket MoneyPHP 8,000.00
for 2
TOTALPHP 8,883.71
per person


Siquijor Tricycle/Habal-habal Tour

Bernie +639358073206

Manjuyod Sandbar

Diano +639264082790


This was a short trip but enough for us to get a feel of Negros Oriental and Siquijor. I would love to be back there someday, both places made me realize how much of a great nature destination the Philippines is!

Let me know if you have any questions, also here’s a link to my Facebook page and Instagram profile. I hope my guide helped you in any way, and if it did, make sure to leave a comment down below!